• Secure and manage your fuel is our job
  • An ultra modern fuel gauge
  • Can fit on any professional vehicle

AccuracyFuel anti-theft Real time management

Our concept: an intelligent filler cap

Spytank is a young Belgian company based in Hainaut, started by two experts in the transport and mobility sector. Our objective is to assist you in improving security and optimising your fleet’s fuel consumption.
To achieve this, we have developed a range of intelligent fuel tank filler caps to improve fuel security and management.

All our products and services are developed in strict compliance with our values: Simplicity, Innovation, Profitability for our customers, Reliability and Accuracy.


Our filler caps optimise the security of your vehicles’ fuel tanks and protect you against theft, siphoning, fraud and fuel misappropriation.


We guarantee continuous monitoring for your fleet via a secure internet link, available 24/7, whether your vehicles are on the move or at a standstill.


Our fuel gauge provides an accuracy without equal on the market: 1.25%, i.e. a possible error of maximum 5L for a 400L tank, making it able to detect the least abnormal fuel variation.


Spytank products are universal and easily installed on all types of tank with no special fitting required by your personel.


In addition to tank security, Spytank filler caps can be fitted with gauges and communication tools making your fleet management easier.


Our configurable alerts system warns you within two minutes by SMS or email when a theft or suspicious situation occurs.

Our Services

Our products

  • Level

  • Real time fuel management

  • Opening/closing detection system
  • Mechanical protection
  • Anti-siphon system 120L/Min(optional )
  • Détails
  • Locate

  • Geolocation system

  • Opening/closing detection system
  • Mechanical protection
  • Anti-siphon system 120L/Min(optional )
  • Détails
  • Protect

  • Mechanical protection

  • Anti-siphon system 120L/Min
  • Détails

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