Level : the most accurate fuel mesure

This Spytank cap for heavy trucks goes further into the anti-fuel theft system. This is the most developed Spytank product: The “LEVEL” model is equipped – also provided with the opening and closing detection system and the geo-localization – with an independent and highly accurate fuel gauge.

This system will records the exact quantity of fuel into the tank during every cap handling and furnish the truck consumption.

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With its cutting-edge technology, the fuel cap Spytank “LEVEL” model is the leader in the field of fuel securitization and management. Equipped with elaborated communication tools and an accurate fuel gauge. This model gives you the opportunity to be aware of the exact amount of gasoil into the tank. This information, featured with the fuel bill, yield you a complete protection against fuel misappropriation.

Moreover, the “LEVEL” model warned you immediately when an abrupt fuel decrease is detected. An alert is send within 2 minutes after the detection by text message and/or by e-mail.

On the bottom line, this system give you the possibility to analyze your truck consumption in order to optimize your fuel management.


  • Measure of the amount of fuel into the tank
  • The opening and closing detection cap system
  • Localization system
  • Easy DIY set up, no need of a garage’s service
  • An universal cap: Our products can fit into any tank, with the right adaptor
  • No specific handling is needed from the truck drivers
  • 2 years warantly : standard exchange replacement
  • A efficient anti siphon system
  • All handling around the fuel tank are permanently recorded
  • Online 24/7 follow up, accessible through a secured internet connection