Locate: a complet follow-up of your fuel.

The “LOCATE” model is equipped with an opening and closing cap detection system added with localization system. It recorded and transmit the position of vehicle during every stop and manipulation of the truck tank cap. It make easier to manage your fleet. And with its mechanical anti-fuel theft system it will prevent any attempt of fuel robbery or misappropriation.

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Like any other Spytank model, the “LOCATE” possess a locking system. Easy to set up, it will efficiently protect your fuel by the means of opening and closing detection system and localization.

Furthermore, for the optimization of your fleet management, the parameter of the “LOCATE” model are entirely customizable. You just need to lo- in on our secured extranet platform and set up the parameter. For instance you are able to choose the opening and closing time, the geographic localization to handle the cap, the number of time per day the cap can be open, the opening duration, and so on.

Moreover, the “LOCATE” cap can be completed with an anti-siphon fuel system. On the opposite of the existing system, this anti siphon doesn’t have any fuel withdraw and allow a flow higher than 120L per minute.

  • The opening and closing detection cap system
    • Localization system
      • Easy DIY set up, no need for the services of a garage
        • An universal cap ; Our products can fit into any tank, with the right adaptor
          • No specific handling is needed from the truck drivers
            • 2 years warantly : standard exchange replacement
              • A efficient anti siphon system
                • All handling around the fuel tank are permanently recorded
                  • Online 24/7 follow up, accessible through a secured internet connection