Complete control of your fleet


Spytank filler caps can be fitted with electronic devices for the purpose of accurately managing and controlling your fleet. They analyse your vehicles’ behaviour and transmit the data gathered to a secure server, accessible 24 hours a day. With this system, you can access a series of information, enabling you to optimise the management of your fleet.

The global positioning of your vehicles tells you exactly where your fleet is in real time. It also detects any opening of the tank in unusual locations.

Fuel consumption is obtained using an ultra-modern fuel gauge built into the Spytank filler cap. This provides unequalled accuracy of 1.25% and allows you to monitor your fleet’s consumption to the nearest litre, but also to detect any suspicious change in the quantity of fuel present in the tank.

Your fleet’s performance can then be efficiently analysed, vehicle by vehicle, using a series of data and statistics gathered by the Spytank system. The kilometres travelled,real-time position, travelling and stoppage time, when the engine in switched off and many other parameters provide you with direct and detailed productivity information.