An immediate alert


Apart from better fleet management, the Spytank system immediately alerts you to any risky situation. These alerts, sent by message or email, are made within two minutes of the suspicious event occurring and allow you to react promptly to a theft, for example. The alarm system is fully configurable to suit your needs and preferences.

Spytank has more than 25 different pre-defined scenarios that could require your attention or the transmission of an alarm, including, in particular, a sudden drop in fuel level, a full tank being opened in an unauthorised location, etc.

These situations can be organised, as you wish, into three vigilance levels: info, warning and alarm. “Info” status simply registers the event. It is used mainly to indicate that the fuel tank has been opened or that the vehicle has stopped. “Warning” status highlights situations that you wish to be informed of without an alarm being triggered. It can be used, for example, to inform that the fuel tank is open while the vehicle is moving.

Finally, the “alarm” status warns you immediately of events, selected by you, such as the tank being opened outside working hours.