Complete fuel security


Fuel is one of the largest items of expenditure for road transport companies. Spytank products effectively protect your fleet’s fuel tanks against fuel loss or waste.

Theft, siphoning or fuel misappropriation, Spytank products provide protection against all these eventualities:

The Spytank filler cap fits all types of tank and provides a real barrier against external attempts at theft. Universal, it is easily fitted, requiring no special skills. For absolute security, it can also be equipped with a device which alerts you when the tank is opened or closed, depending on the vehicle’s position.

The Spytank anti-siphon protects you against siphoning with an effectiveness unequalled in the market. Actually, unlike conventional products, the Spytank anti-siphon has no skimming zone and protect the whole tank. In addition, it has no effect on tank filling with a flow rate of up to 120L per minute.

The Spytank fuel gauge constantly tells you the quantity of diesel present in the tank. Its incomparable accuracy of 1.25% allows you to be aware of even the smallest misappropriation of fuel; you can estimate the quantity to within close to 5 litres for a full 400 litre tank.